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Pedagogics and Psychology captivates students of diverse specialities

20.04.2012 15:27 All Faculties SPP Social Pedagogics and Psychology

April, 10 small group session on ‘Pedagogics of Higher School. General Pedagogics’ and ‘Pedagogics and Psychology in Gender Studies Focus’ supervised by Prof. Natalia Shevchenko and Assoc. Prof. Tetiana Golovanova took place under the 5th ‘Youth Science 2012’ University Scientific and Practice Conference for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Young Scholars

Students of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Social Sciences and Administration, Physical Education, Law, History, Masters in Pedagogics of Higher Education and ZNU guests attended the sessions. Special interest was given to reports on “Educating Medieval Chivalry: ethical and moral aspect in Pedagogics”, “Didactic approaches in the system of Physical Education and Sports”, “Student motivation specifics in performing individual assignments”, “Analysis of gender transformations in Ukraine”, “Peculiarities of gender-sensitive social-pedagogic  enhancement of natural gifts”, “Theoretical principles in the study of gender approach application to social work with aged persons”, “Gender differences in aggressive behaviour manifestation among teenagers”, “Women`s studies in Ukraine, approaching gender equality in higher education institutions of U.S.A.” and “Gender specifics of juvenile delinquency”. The reports were delivered within the framework of research problem group on “Gender-sensitive social-pedagogic work”.


Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

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