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Round table discussion on “Anti-Americanism in modern world” at the Faculty of History

24.04.2012 12:55 All Faculties History Faculty of History round table

April, 12 within the framework of Youth Science 2012 and initiated by “International Affairs Expert” Club a small group meeting was held, dedicated to Anti-Americanism in modern world: reasons and manifestations”

The round table discussion was attended by special guests: Bluffton University Professor of History Perry Bush (U.S.A.), “Ostrozka Academy” National University Centre of Canadian Studies director, Doctor of Philosophy Valeriy Polkovskyi (Canada), Department of Regional Systems and European Integration (Diplomacy Academy under Ministry of Internal Affairs) Ph.D. in History, Assoc. Prof. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Victor Nagaichuk (Kyiv) , Institute of World History (National Academy of Sciences) senior research fellow, Ph.D. in History, Assoc. Prof. Maryna Bessonova (Kyiv).

Master degree and undergraduate students of International Relations took part in the discussion by presenting their reports, where the students revealed Anti-Americanism manifestations throughout diverse countries in the world. Anti-Americanism in its essence is a negative attitude towards American policy, culture and population.

In her report Maryna Bessonova pointed out that nowadays Anti-Americanism phenomenon draws great interest of the public and is an object of scholarly research.  In his turn Valeriy Polkovskyi has carried out survey of Canadian press, providing examples from the National Post newspaper. on Anti-Americanism phenomenon manifestations.

Although he pointed out that regardless of the provocative materials in mass media Canada is committed to developing friendly relations with the United States of America, mostly for its own sake, thus trying to keep unbiased position in regard to her neighbour’s policy.

Students of History took an active part in discussing the hot topic and could ask their questions.

Due to the factful reports on pressing problems and expert comments, participants came to conclusion that modern Anti-Americanism has uneven distribution. The highest rate of Anti-American attitude is observed in the countries involved into conflicts with the U.S. intervening under humanitarian assistance umbrella. The experts highlighted that in most part critical attitude towards American policy does not affect the respective attitude formation towards American citizens, the same idea maintained in the report of guest from America – Prof. Perry Bush.


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