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To begin with, tourism is our history

24.04.2012 00:30

April 12-14, Cossack Palace Expo Centre, the 10th Cross-Regional Specialized Exposition on ‘Recreation. Tourism. Resort 2012’ took place, bringing together representatives of tourism sector in Zaporizhzhya and other regions in Ukraine. Zaporizhzhya National University representatives visited the exposition, namely: Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, Centre for Business Education and the College of Economics and Law.  

Within the 3-days period ZNU representatives had a chance to demonstrate their activities to the public, as well as visit events on tourism advance in Zaporizhzhya region.

On the first day the workshop on ‘Tourism and Sightseeing Service Enhancement Prospects’ was held for professionals in touristic sphere, where pressing problems in tourism advance were discussed. 

In the end graduates in Tour Guidance from the Centre for Business Education were awarded with certificates on qualification advancement and tour guide license. It was a wonderful occasion for tourism representatives to get together, as the event was attended by tour guides, interpreters- guides and managers in tourism — most of them completed training courses and have already become real professionals in the domain. 

In general, the exposition passed by in a quite rapid way, abundantly filled with engaging moments: seminars given by professionals and travel agencies' representatives, tour around Zaporizhzhya, lottery draw etc.

Oleksandra Bilovosh

Centre for Business Education