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Renowned Russian critic Sergiy Kostyrko gave lecture at the Faculty of Philology

25.04.2012 16:46 All Faculties Philology Faculty of Philology International Relations Office Kostyrko

April 17-19, within the framework of Festival of Science a delegation from Oleksandr Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Language Abroad (Moscow) paid visit to ZNU. The guests were given a warm welcome by the University administration, International Relations Office and Department of Russian Philology


The visit of Russian colleagues previewed a series of events in ZNU, opened with  lecture by widely-known Russian literary critic, “Novyi Mir” (New World) Magazine editor Sergiy Kostyrko on “Modern Russian Literature: major tendencies of development”.

To meet with the expert in modern Russian prose came the Faculty of Philology professors – Department of Russian Philology head, Professor Iryna Pavlenko, Associate Professors Tetiana Kheylik, Olexander Muravin, Scientific Library staff and University guestsDepartment of International Relations (the House of Russian Language Abroad) head Igor Teterev and local poets – “Khortytsia” Almanac representative Loryna Teslenko, Literary Men Congress member Mykhailo Perchenko and also everyone engaged in modern Russian literature.

Professor Iryna Pavlenko delivered a welcome speech to the event attendees, followed by Sergiy Kostyrko, who spoke of tendencies in modern Russian literature development, including that of Russian language abroad, and gave brief synopsis on contemporary writers and their works.

He mentioned of the Soviet Union breakup and such countries as Russia, Ukraine and some other European nations that are still experiencing cultural rupture observed in literature. For instance, such literal concept as literature “without reader” emerged. Less and less people read books nowadays, in a result edition size falls down as the young generation is more attached to video products, Internet and screen versions of popular literary works.

Despite of the fact that a great deal of modern writers’ names are familiar, we know not much of them and are not acquainted with their works. Unfortunately, many beginning literary men go unnoticed by modern youth, so Sergiy Kostyrko introduced some names of little-known though gifted prose writers and  gave a brief synopsis to their works.

Being a literary reviewer, Sergiy Kostyrko advised to refer to ‘thick’ literary journals, which are aimed at selecting the best literary works of modern writers. In order to get acquainted with the top novels, fiction etc. and be determined with one’s likes the guest suggested young experts in philology to monitor short list of the following literary awards: ‘Russian Booker’, ‘Poet’, ‘I. Belkin Award’, ‘Yuri Kazakov Award’ etc.  

To get introduced to modern Russian literature not only printed editions, but also following Internet resources can be used: ‘Zhurnalnyi Zal, ‘Megalit’, ‘Litbuk’, ‘Chitalnyi Zal’, ‘Russkoe Pole’ and so on, representing numerous modern literature and periodicals.

Olena Khlistun


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