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ZNU Press Centre News / News / ‘Orbita-University’ back to Major League

‘Orbita-University’ back to Major League

28.04.2012 10:54 Орбіта-Університет спорт волейбол

Second final tournament with participation of four women’s clubs took place at ZNU Sports Complex. After the first tournament (Rivne, Western Ukraine) two candidates emerged to go through to higher qualification. Tournament in Zaporizhzhya was to define the winner and Major League player between ‘Orbita-University’ and ‘Regina’.

The first day Zaporizhzhya students took victory over Donetsk team by scoring 3:1, meanwhile ‘Regina’ defeated ‘Severodonchanka 2’. The first place winner was decided on second tournament day between ‘Orbita’ and ‘Regina’.

Sportsmen from Zaporizhzhya have confidently gained victory over Donetsk team with scores 3:1, whereas Donetsk sportsmen defeated ‘Severodonchanka 2’ in second match coming 3rd to Major League.

As a result, Zaporizhzhya Volleyball Club ‘Orbita-University’ gained right to play in the next season in the Championship of Ukraine along with other Major League teams.

City mayor Oleksandr Sin congratulated the players on their victory and handed out awards.



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