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ZNU Basketball Open Championship for Victory Day lead by ZNU players

14.05.2012 14:18 День Перемоги Спорт Баскетбол

On the eve of Victory Day celebrations the 4th Basketball Championship was held between student basketball teams, with participation of teams from ZNU, Sumy State University, Chornomorskyi Petro Mohyla State University (Mykolaiv) and Chernivtsi Trade and Economics Institute of Kyiv National Trade and Economics University.

We remind that first battle between the teams of Mykolaiv and and Chernivtsi finished up with scores 88:79. On May 3rd teams from ZNU and Sumy State University showed results as follows: 110:89. The next day other two matches were held revealing the winners and those defeated.

After the competition results the first winners became ZNU players, followed by Mykolaiv, Sumy and finally Chernivtsi.

Referees have approved of the teams’ high professional level and ardour shown in the game, thus making it hard to define 2nd to 4th place winners, who finally were chosen after additional criteria. Besides, the best players received awards in nominations as follows:

  • Best fullback (Chernivtsi)
  • Best forward(Mykolaiv)
  • Best goal scorer (Zaporizhzhya, 91 points in 3 matches)
  • Best Championship player (Zaporizhzhya).

The Championship guests mentioned of perfect organisation and performance quality and expressed their eagerness to meet in the next competition.

Olena Khlistun

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