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3rd International Scientific and Practice Conference on Modern Problems in Biology, Ecology and Chemistry held in ZNU

22.05.2012 00:49 All Faculties Biology Faculty of Biology international conference

The conference lasted for three days, where the first day was dedicated to official conference opening ceremony and faculty anniversary celebration, while the next two days comprised sessions and research group meetings. 

The conference was attended by over 450 participants from neighbouring and far off international countries (Russia,Byelorussia,Moldova,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,France,Bosnia,Spain, and Canada). At small group sessions 170 reports have been delivered. 

The conference enjoyed diversity of scientific fields: Experimental Botany and Plant Physiology; Genetics and Selection of Plants; Landscape Design and Ornamental Plant Growing; Zoology and Ecology of Animals; Stability and Development of Ecosystems; Human Physiology and Ecology; Biochemistry; Immunology; Biotechnology; Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, Bioorganic, Analytical, Pharmaceutical, High-molecular Compounds); Game Management; Ichthyology, Modern Problems of Parasitology; Industrial Ecology; Nature Management and Environmental Protection; Biological and Ecological Education.  

Organizers and attendees of the 3rd International Conference have marked high scientific level and significant relevance of materials proposed. These research works make an enormous contribution to resolving the most crucial fundamental and hands-on issues of present day. 

Participants in the small group sessions delivered their reports and carried out vivid discussions on the subject. All the guests to the conference have been lodged at ZNU Biological Research Centre, located in the gem of Zaporizhzhya land and Ukraine, a cradle of Cossacks –Khortytsia Island. According to the attendees’ personal comments it was among the most pleasing moments of stay in Zaporizhzhya, as they could enjoy Cossacks’ horse show, strolls in the ancient Island paths organized by the Museum of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks History, city tour, travel round Khortytsia Island and walk in Lenin river port. 

Finishing the conference a draft resolution has been adopted and decision to host the following 4th International Scientific and Practice Conference at ZNU in 3 year-period made.

Vira Kopiyka,

Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Biology

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