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External Independent Evaluation in Russian

24.05.2012 13:58 Зовнішнє незалежне оцінювання російська мова

External Independent Evaluation is underway with its next stage – test in Russian language.

Noteworthy, Zaporizhzhya National University is the only point in the region to hold tests in Russian. Waiting for EIE tests to begin, prospective students had opportunity to get acquainted with ZNU information bulletins and ‘Zaporizhzhya University’ special edition, revealing key enrolment requirements for secondary school graduates. Young men and women across Zaporizhzhya region have arrived to try their luck; some were nervous, others were checking their knowledge on the subject. Those graduates coming to pass tests have a chance to get enrolled to the faculties of Russian philology or Journalism.  

Involved in the testing were officials from Ukrainian Centre for Education Quality Assessment Evelina Lukianchuk and Dmytro Grybakov. Together with Alex Televesion and Radio Broadcasting Company we asked Evelina Lukianchuk  on testing procedure: "Our key goal is viewed in addressing intricate situations that may arise during testing. Despite of restrictions, some of school graduates are found with their mobile phones. In this case the act is drawn up and the violator is not admitted to pass the test. Unfortunately, such situations still have place. Our daily responsibilities also include supervising test process in classrooms, like keeping silence and checking that school graduates abide by the rules in order to preserve working environment.  

According to ZNU test point responsible official Iryna Bakalenko, prior testing in Chemistry showed good scores and Zaporizhzhya National University has not received any reproofs on test procedure by the Ministry of Education and Science. 

Olena Khlistun

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