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Golden Voice of the Festival studying at ZNU

29.05.2012 00:05 All Faculties Philology Faculty of Philology

Early May, Komsomolsk (Poltava region), a series of traditional International Youth Forums on “Slavic League of Children’s Diplomacy” and “Song’s Tune to unify the Partners” was carried out. Within the events’ framework Charity  ‘Children to children’ Festival was also undertaken. ZNU Faculty of Philology 1st year student of Russian Linguistics Oleksiy Vorozheyev became the winner in the Golden Voice nomination. 

Youth Forum has linked together 250 participants across Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Moldova. In the course of charitable concert the money was raised for medical treatment and health improvement of disabled children.

Oleksiy shared his impressions with us: “It was a really good time at the Forum! I have never heard such a vast array of beautiful voices singing together. The participants interacted, shared their emotions, and I have made many new friends there. Now we are keeping in touch through social networks”. 

For more than twenty years Oleksiy has been practicing singing and came to the Forum due to the efforts of his teacher in vocal – Margaryta Selivanova. 

During his academic year at ZNU Oleksiy Vorozheyev proved himself as actively involved in student movement, taking part in annual freshmen’s festival ‘First Year Amateur Talents Contest’ and other music competitions and endeavours. Young singer has experience of participating in International Festival of Patriotic Songs, ‘Narodna Zirka’ Ukrainian Show, saying nothing of local, district and regional cultural events.

Olena Khlistun


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