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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Special Higher Dramatic Art Diploma of Prydniprovia “Sicheslavna-2012”

Special Higher Dramatic Art Diploma of Prydniprovia “Sicheslavna-2012”

31.05.2012 12:26

May 24, Dnipropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, award ceremony was held for the winners of 20th Anniversary Festival. Higher Dramatic Arts Prydniprovia Award  - ‘Sicheslavna-2012’ is conferred to stage professionals, whereas  ‘Sicheslavna’s Hope’ is intended for creative young dramatic professionals. The jury panel has determined 35 contest winners. This year about 20 theatres, along with 9 from Dnipropetrovsk, 5 from Zaporizhzhya, 3 from Kryvyi Rih and 2 from Dniprodzerzhinsk and Pavlograd were trying their chances for victory.

Among the award winners was also named Zaporizhzhya National University. Choreographic performance based on Yanush Glovatskyi’s ‘Cinders’ play and staged within the framework of StudyTheatre, created at the Department of Acting (Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology) was awarded with the Festival Diploma. The performance actors'  cast comprised 1 to 5 year students of Dramatic Arts supervised by their choreographer Yuliana Goncharenko.

Panel of judges marked a heart-felt, special and modern perception of Yanush Glovatskyi’s “Cinders”, and suggested considering a possibility to confer professional municipal theatre status to ZNU Study Theatre.


Olena Kulinich