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Briefing with First Vice Minister of Education

06.06.2012 10:50

Yevgen Sulima reminded that starting from 2010 the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine launched its incentive-related activities among rectors of Ukrainian HEIs on searching alternative opportunities to implement programmes in power efficiency.

The minister gave several examples of HEIs already involved in implementing power efficiency programmes and gained their own experience in the domain. In fact, the reason why top managers from HEIs were invited at the conference was to share the expertise, foster partnership and outline priority directions in their power-efficiency activities.

Yevgen Sulima has also informed the journalists of the fact, that ZNU was selected as the event host since it is the pace-setting institution in the power efficiency sector.  He also stressed, that every Ukrainian HEI should be aware of, and have a sensible approach to resolving problems under strained power saving conditions.

Currently, as Natural Sciences development is getting more crucial,universities’ scientific schools have a chance to develop and implement advanced technologies in the power saving domain.