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Team Sports - the Thrill on the Day of Physical Culture

08.09.2012 11:31 міні-футбол баскетбол

Festive sports marathon at ZNU, dedicated to the Day of Physical Education and Sports continued the team sports — indoor soccer and basketball. Teams competed very hard. The hall was full of fans.

On the field the ZNU team «Nadejda» and team of the Student Council competed for the championship. The student of the Faculty of History Gregory Ignatusha was the arbiter . The team of Student Council were trained by the experienced player, student of the Faculty of Economy Stanislav Vahilchuk; the coach of ZNU team  — MS Futsal Cup, the lecturer of the Department of Physical Culture and Tourism Yuriy Aristenko.

Despite the best  efforts of the players of Student Council, the victory was on the side of ZNU team. The one of   the inveterate fans intently observing the course of the match, appeared to be the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Docent and the dean of the Faculty of History Victor Tkachenko. He explained his own interest in the game:
—  I have been participating by myself in the university competitions  within the teaching team until recently. Unfortunately, after the trauma, I have to watch the course of events only from the tribune. Nevertheless, I'm staying a true fan, sustain our students: today match is judjing by the representative of the Faculty of History, a few more guys from our faculty  — within  ZNU team. I also  look forward to watching the bascetball competition between students and lecturers  .

On  the basketball court competed the varsity team (their coach - the head of the Deprtment of Physical Education Victor Gorbulya, and the teachers team. Ironically, the very coach Viktor Alekseevich was on  the side of teachers against his own students. The winners were the lecturers team, proving there is yet «powder in the powder-horns »!

Elena Hlistun

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