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Victor Chabanenko: "Life's my teacher"

28.09.2012 17:04 All Faculties Philology філологічний факультет свято ювілей

At ZNU the distinguished pedagogue, talented scientist and sincere man, Professor Viktor Antonovich Chabanenko was greeted on his anniversary!

September 12, Head of the Department of General and Slavic Linguistics, Professor Victor Chabanenko celebrated seventieth birthday. On Friday Victor Antonovich was congratulated on his birthday by the colleagues: the first Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar, Dean of the Faculty of Philology Tamara Homyak, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Volodymir Manakin, Chief Accountant Vasyl Tymoshik and students.
The representatives of Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky - former postgraduates and students of Victor Antonovich and now lecturers, docents of this university came on a holiday. Congratulations to his scientific adviser also came from Chabanenko's student Oleksander Styshov, today the Professor and Chief Researcher of the Ukrainian Lingua-Information Fund (ULIF). ZNU Veteran, Professor of the Faculty of Philology Valentin Ivanenko personally congratulated Chabanenko.
Professor, in his turn, sincerely thanked colleagues and students. Looking through the pages of his life, he said: "Life's my teacher". He also wished today's students inspiration, studying success and a brighter future.
Sincere wishes and flowers were presented by colleagues and students. The "Golden Voice" of ZNU, student of the Faculty of Philology Mykola Bilyk made a musical present for everyone.

Olena Hlistun

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