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Marina Tsvetaeva 120th Anniversary at ZNU

08.10.2012 12:07 All Faculties Philology Університет філологічний факультет свято конкурс

The dramatic performance "My Tsvetaeva" dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva were prepared at ZNU. This event became a part the first International Marina Tsvetaeva Festival "Fire Formula", which took place in Zaporizhzhya from 4 till 7 October.

The first ZNU Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar said that the mission of the University – not only to prepare highly skilled specialists, but also educate spiritually advanced individuals. In the case of education, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of such events, especially when it comes to such a prominent figure in the cultural space of the twentieth century.

ZNU and ZNTU students tried to reveal the different angles of this extremely talented individual's creativity, show their vision of the most important moments of her tragic, yet majestic destiny. Event's organizers – Associate Professor of ZNU Department of Russian Philology Oksana Temna and Associate Professor of ZNTU Department of Journalism Irina Tonkih took care of festival's variety. Recitation of poems and prose passages, songs, dramatic productions and even dance numbers that had a spirit of Marina Tsvetaeva creativity were waiting for audience.

The concert program was simultaneously a kind of competition. The best performance were determined by the jury: the poetess's researcher and founder of private Zaporizhzhya Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva Vira Astahova, head of the Department of Russian Philology Irina Pavlenko, lecturer of ZNTU, author of the scientific papers on Tsvetaeva's creativity Irina Tonkih, director and artistic director of the "New Theatre" Wladyslaw and Svitlana Lebedeva, director of the publishing house "Wild Field" Oleksandra Lazutina.

It was a hard choice for the jury. So the winners were awarded diplomas without specifying participants gained places. The winners were Tetyana Didenko, Ksenia Sherstyakova, Anna Mickhaylichenko, Maria Silchuk, Oleksadra Nemikina, Polina Frolova, Victoria Teodorova. Separately were marked the hosts of the fest – Evgen Stanitskiy and Anastasiya Matros.

In addition, the director of the publishing house "Wild Field" and one of the organizers of Zaporizhan Tsvetaeva's Fests Oleksandr Lazutin presented to Anna Mickhaylichenko, Polina Frolova and the hosts his publishing house's books. All participants of the performance received diplomas and tickets to the show "Psyche and Harlequin", which premiered soon in the "New Theatre".

Tamila Tarasenko

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