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Valentin and Julia Gnatuk Visited ZNU

16.10.2012 14:19 Університет Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ зустріч

October 16, writers, members of the Creative Union «Congress of Writers of Ukraine», corresponding members of the Peter Academy of Arts and Sciences, winners of the National Literary Prize "Golden Pen of Russia" Valentin and Julia Gnatuk visited our university. The meeting with students and lecturers was held at ZNU Scientific Library. The events was supported by the Zaporizhzhya Center for Ecological Culture and Charitable Foundation "Oleksandrivskiy".

Valentin and Julia Gnatuk consideres to be the best translators of "Veles Book" and less-known "Dovelesova Kniga". Valentin Sergiyovich said that idea to write about the ancient history of our nation, learn more about the beliefs and philosophy of our ancestors had appeared in 90s. – in the "era of change" when it has been difficult to predict the future. In order to get the complete picture of Old Slavic beliefs, they had to go to Germany, where the archive of Yuriy Mirolyubov were situated. Thanks to the meeting of Mirolyubov and officer-immigrant Fedor Izenbek, the unique ancient monument – wooden planks with records, which are known as "Veles Book" now, was preserved. The history of the creation and preservation of the monuments described in Gnatuks' novel "Children of Perun". In the opinion of translators "Veles Book" - deeply philosophical texts intended for priests. While "Dovelesova Kniga" - a collection of ancient Slavic stories< which is even read by children.
Julia Gnatuk quoted the passage from "Veles Book" in the Old Slavic language аnd told a little about the symbolism of its images and the features of the translation. During the meeting, the writers presented their novel trilogy "Sviatoslav - Russian pardus", which deals with the life of Prince Sviatoslav Igorovich famous for his military victories.
The guests presented their books to our Scientific Library. Director of the library Valentina Gerasimova assured guests that their books will take take pride of place among the "Presents for Our Library" exhibits. Valentina Oleksandrivna thanked everyone who has supported the event.

Tamila Tarasenko

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