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“Feast of intelligence” at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU

01.11.2012 10:36 Що? Де? Коли? економічний факультет

On October 31st the students of Faculty of Economics and the Economic and Legal College of ZNU participated in the traditional game “What? Where? When?” and they, the representatives of economic directions of preparation of our university demonstrated their intellectual abilities.

22 students’ teams and the teachers’ team “Youth” played this time.
At the beginning of the game the Dean of Faculty of Economics, Professor Alla Cherep welcomed participants and fans: “This is a real celebration of intelligence, where you can show your horizons. Modern man must be intellectually developed. So, I think all the participants will enjoy the game.”
The main goal of the annual game “What? Where? When? “ is to stimulate the interest of students for the intellectual search. Some teams participate in the game not for the first time, but this time there have also been new players. This time the assembly hall of the V academic building has also comprised almost all the players and fans of the game and the cheerful atmosphere of the event and precise organization contributed more for the “intellectual work” of the players. The host announced questions and after the end of the required time for reflection the assistants immediately collected the answers of the teams.
The transparent game conducting did not cause objections from the players, and the results were immediately displayed on the board.
The games organizers and jury members were the follows representatives of SASP of the Faculty of Economics: Oleksandr Korobov, Andriy Urusov, Dmytro Gurkovsky, Sergiy Medved, Karyna Zasypa, Anastasiya Khomyak and Tetyana Veremyeychyk. The places among the winners are the follows:
- I place took at once three teams that scored 14 points out of 24 possible – “Youth” (teachers), “Crisis” (students of group 3539-1) and “Stop” (group 3582-2); 
- II place took “Kibertsypy” (group 3529-1);
- III place was shared between the teams “Monitor forced us” (group 3521-1) and”Finansystky” (group 3581-1). 

Olena Khlystun

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