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ZNU held round table meeting called “GIO-technologies in natural researches”

15.11.2012 11:38 All Faculties Biology Біологічний факультет Математичний факультет

November 14 ZNU held round table meeting called “GIO-technologies in natural researches”, as the organizers of which performed scientists of Biological and Mathematical Faculties.

articipation in the meeting was Dean of Biology Faculty of ZNU, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor Ludmila Omelyanchik, Vice Dean of Research work of Mathematics Faculty, Associate Professor Victoria Leontieva, Vice Dean of Research work of Biology Faculty, c.b.s, assistant professor of Immunology and Biochemistry Faculty Vira Kopiyka, assistant of Mathematical Modeling Department Alexander Myltsev, the Doctor of Biologycal Science, Professor, Head of General and Applied Ecology and Zoology Department Olexandr Rilsliy, teachers and students of SASA Biology Faculty of ZNU.
That was the first common activity of Biologic and Mathematics Faculty. The main subject of discussion was the question of using GIO-technologies (geographical informative system) in natural researches. Geographical informative system allows to analyze objects of world around on a large number of parameters, visualize them, and on the base of these data to predict different events and phenomena. It should be noted, that GIO-technologies are used everywhere nowadays – in construction, cartography, ecology, seismology, etc. It's a whole industry that affects almost every aspect of human life. They are studied at universities and research institutes. Using of GIO-technologies by the students of Biological Faculty can play a significant role in natural studies. That is why in the end of the even its participants defined the ways of the further cooperation of Biologic and Mathematics Faculties. Thus, the next year it is planned to offer the general subjects of diplomas for students of these two faculties.


Olena Yaroshenko

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