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Intellectual competition “What? Where? When?” was held between teams of the dormitory №4

15.11.2012 12:48 Виховний відділ змагання

November 14 Zaporizhzhyan National University held intellectual competition “What? Where? When?” between teams of the dormitory №4. The event, organized with the Educational work Department, gathered a lot of viewers. Students came to support four teams, participants of which demonstrated their knowledge, logic and reaction rate, competing for title of the most intellectual students of the dormitory.

In the competition took part teams of the Economical, Law, Historical and Physical Faculties. Their knowledge were estimated by jury containing of the chief of the education department Svitlana Kondratenko, educational specialist Tetyana Balanyuk and the student of Historical Faculty Olexandr Skripka. Intellectual competition lasted in three stages. During the first tour the guide of the event – Irina Obukhovich – asked 10 questions to each of the team, and they had one minute to think about each of it. In the second tour three teams, who reached this stage of the competition, were asked 25 questions on logical thinking. Besides, during this tour were estimated and reaction rate of the teams, and ability to formulate the answer in a clear way as well. The third, the final, tour of the competition was thematic. The teams of Economical and Law Faculty, who gained the biggest amount of points in the previous competitions, had answer the questions, which were connected with the history and present of Zaporizhzhyan National University. According to the results the winners of the competition is the team of Economics Faculty (captain – Nadiya Volochkovska). Its participants were marked with the sertificates and gifts. Aso during the competition the organizer held competition among viewers, who also got gifts for their right answers. It was the first time when dormitory №4 held such kind of game, but all the present expressed their hopes, that intellectual games among dormitory teams will be a good tradition in future.

Tamila Tarasenko

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