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ZNU defined the winners of Ukrainian-wide competitions of administrative right and process name of V. S. Stefanyuk

15.11.2012 14:04 Юридичний факультет Наукове товариство студентів та аспірантів змагання

9-10 of November Zaporizhzhyan National University held Ukrainian-wide competitions of administrative right and process name of V. S. Stefanyuk. This event became traditional, because it is holding the fifth time with the Zaporizhzhyan center of student League of workers Association of Ukraine together with the Scientific association of current students and graduate students of Law Faculty of ZNU. There are took part 6 teams in this competition, which represented Kyiv, Odessa, Rivne and Zaporizhzhya region.

The essence of competitions was in demonstration of skills to build your own evidences, to argue your point of view, orientating freely in the norms of Ukrainian legislation. In the semi-final participants were offered a story of a case, according to which the enterprise appealed a holding of its activity check with tax inspection. According to the toss-up the teams performed as claimants and respondents and lay out their arguments before judge board of teachers staff of Law Faculty of ZNU of Julia Pyrozhkova, Pavlo Lyutikov and Ilya Skvirskiy. According to their words, it was very difficult to define the winners, that is why it was decided to allow 4 teams to the finals: “Pro bono” (the representatives of National University “Ostrov Academy” Yulia Martynenko and Bohdan SHabarovskiy), “Bona fide” (the students of National University “Odessa Law Academy” Anna Domuschy and Olexandr Yakovlenko), “Law students” ( the representatives of the Zaporizhzhyan National University: Anastasia Prityka and Andriy Okulinko). One team (“Tax youth” are representatives of the National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine) was allowed to the participation in the final out of competition. After semi-final competitions it was organized a trip to the Zaporizhzhyan Regional Administrative Court. Young lawyers could get acquainted with its every day work, to ask the Head of a Court Oleg Prudivus the questions about order of administrative legal proceedings, workload of judges, and also other questions about court building activities, which they were interested in. The next day the participants of the competition waited for the final round. In the final, there worked another judges board consisting of teachers of ZNU Margarita Hermaniuk, Mikhaylo Vihlyayev, Ruslan Synyelnika. The teams were offered to play a scene of a dispute about exclusion by city council of a rent payment for the land from the enterprise, which already bought this land. In the final, teams also demonstrated their legislation knowledge, orator skills, discipline, persistence, ability to behave and find an accurate and laconic statements under given circumstances, a sense of responsibility and orientation within time. Especially jury pointed out:
team skills of National University “Ostrov Academy” correct, most precisely, qualitatively, to formulate the objections against claim requirements of opponents in laconic way
suspension, discipline and abilities of both to show claim demands, and to oppose, showed by participants of competitions from National university “Odessa Law Academy”
jurisdictional literacy, ability to ask a question in a right way, confidence in their team actions of Zaporizhzhyan National University
laconism and suspension of presentation their positions of Zaporizhzhyan National Technical University
persistence, willing to win, high level of possession of the team of National university of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine in oratory art.
The first place took the team “Pro bono” from the Ostrog city, “silver” got “Amparo” team from Zaporizhzhya, the third place had “Bona fide” team from Odessa city. Also for the high level of orator art got their prize the representatives of the “Tax youth” team from the Irpin city. All the teams-participants got certificates and valuable gifts. A great help in organization of the event gave the Dean of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhyan National University, Zaporizhzhyan center of graduate League of students of lawyers of Ukraine Association, the Scientific association of current and graduate students of Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhyan National University. All the participant were impressed with a warm acceptance and feast atmosphere of competition, and gained skills, experience and skills exchange, we are sure, will be needed in their practical jurisdictional activity, just like all of us everyone took out for himself from these competitions something new and useful.

Lilia Kozakul,
Ivan Shumeyko,
Law Faculty

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