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Students of ZNU - the winners of regional competitions – got awards to the International Student’s Day

15.11.2012 14:15 Університет свято

November 15, on the eve of the International Student’s Day, Zaporizhzhyan State Administration held traditional meeting of regional management with the students of Zaporizhzhyan Universities.

Took part in it: the Deputy Head of the regional State administration Igor Shishka, the Deputy Head of Management of family, youth and sports department Lyubov Yarovaya, the Deputy Head of Zaporizhzhyan city council Andriy Ivanchenko, and also students, teachers, journalists. With the greeting word to all the present addressed Deputy Head of state administration Igor Shishka, who noted that Student’s Day is a holiday with an ancient history and with always young soul. He thanked teachers and scientific curators for youth education – the future of Ukraine – and wished all the students to live, study and work fair, with inspiration, and confidently go strait to their aim. Igor Vasilyovich noted, that the main aim of the students is to get as much knowledge and skills as possible, to define the aim and to make a solid foundation for their further life, and the authority’s aim is to give an opportunity to the youth for self realization and comprehensive support.
Within meeting there was awarding with certificates and premiums by the head of state administration winners of regional “Competition of gifted youth – 2012” and competition “Students of a year”. Zaporizhzhzyan National University gave 28 works in 11 branches of science. 7 of them became laureates f competition:
in a branch of Ecomonics – Olexiy Minyaylo ( the student of the 4th course of Economical Faculty) with his work “The problems of introduction of “green tariffs” on the alternative power in Ukraine” (scientific curator A.V. Cherep)
in a branch of Philosophy and Religion – Vitaliy Demchenko ( the student of the 4th course of Historical Faculty) with his work “The system of higher spiritual education in orthodox churches of Ukraine of 1991-2012” (scientific curator O.M. Ignatusha)
in a branch of Regional Geography – Darya Babich ( the student of the 4th course of Philological Faculty) with her work “Novel of N.Gumenyuk “White wolf on the black way” as a novel of times connection” (scientific curator N.V. Gorbach)
in a branch of Pedagogy – Svitlana Firsova ( the student of the 5th course of SPP Faculty) with her work “Social and Pedagogical prevetion of juvenile delinquency” ( scientific curator Y. R. Matskevich)
in a branch of Law - Olexandra Fomenko ( the student of the 6th course of Law Faculty) with her work “Judicial review of affairs about the administrative offenses connected with traffic safety” (scientific curator T. O. Kolomoets)
in a branch of Experimental and Clinical Aspects of Medicine – Lyudmila Makeeva (the student of the 5th grade of Biological Faculty) with her work “Modification of the functional condition of human blood lymphocytes with extracorporal cooler incubation” (scientific curator O. K. Frolov)
In a branch of Sociology – Oksana Sheveleva ( the student of the magistracy FSG) with her work “European unity: in a search of methodological coordinates of research” (scientific curator E.A. Gugnin). And also the student of the Journalism Faculty of ZNU Dmytro Korol became a winner of regional competition “Student of a year-2012” in nomination “Student journalist of a year”.

Natalia Logvinenko

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