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Social aspects of environmental management of economics were discussed on the Economics Faculty

19.11.2012 14:02 Наукове товариство студентів та аспірантів економічний факультет круглий стіл

November 16, on the eve of Student’s Day there was held meeting of round table, devoted to the “Social aspects of environmental management” on the base of Economical Faculty of ZNU. Students and teachers discussed questions, which are important for our country, and, besides, for Zaporizhzhian region.

An event was held within activity of Student scientific problem group of “Finance and Credit” chair of Economical Faculty of ZNU under management of the Dean of Economical Faculty, professor Alla Cherep. The opening speech was given to the deputy Dean of scientific work, Cand.Econ.Sci., to associate professor Andriy Linenko. Andriy Volodimirovich paid attention of the round table participants that environmental management have to be rational and to suit the requirements not only ecological, but also social and economic character.
Meeting was held rather active: participants preformed with reports, which were added with bright and informative presentations. Especially interesting were questions of invited teachers and experts D. Badmindry, I. Koloberdyanka, A. Linenka, A. Osaul and E. Starikova. Meeting started with the report of Oleg Andryushenko “Influence of scientific and technical progress on the effective usage of natural resources” during which were formulated important, but haven’t solved questions of rationalization of natural resources usage.
The next performed Vladislav Hlepitko. The subject of his report “Social aspects of reformation of agrarian politics of EU” touched law base and official events according to the agrarian politics in EU. Great interest among present was called with performances of Sergiy Medvid and Evgen Bogovin, who showed in their reports important static data and analytical indicators, connected with native aspects of environmental problems.
Report of Darina Plyushakova “Economical problems of organic agriculture development in Ukraine” interested an auditory, because subject is actual, and, unfortunately, is ignored by native enterprises.
Participants of the round table separately noted Olexand Korobov and Andriy Yrusov, who analyzed in their reports social aspects of effective environment management first of all in Zaporizhzhya region.
Meeting ended with the report of Ruslan Gavrilyuk, who performed with proposition of reformation of agrarian sector according to the norms of European association.
Students in their reports pay attention not only on the vivid problems, but offer ways out of them as well.
In the end of round table meeting Cand.Econ.Sci. senior lecturer Andriy Linenko invited all the willing to visit their next meetings and to take part in conferences on the base of Economics Department.

Olexandr Korobov,
The Head of the SASA of Economics Faculty

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