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The Journalism Faculty defined the most clever freshmen and bachelors

23.11.2012 10:27 факультет журналістики

From 19 to 23 of August there on the Journalism Faculty lasted competition “The most clever freshmen” and “The most clever bachelor”, in which took part about 150 students. For freshmen Scientific association of students and graduates of the Faculty prepared special tasks: tests, mini-essay, oral answers, and on the final stage – essay on the free subject.

For bachelors tests were a little complicated: it were professional test questions, and also creative work, which coincides with the profile major.
November, 22 there was held an awarding of the winners of the competition with the credits and prizes. The most clever freshmen were determined to be five students. The first place took student Yuliya Lomanova (3322-2), the second place shared Dmitro Rebrov (3322-2) and Svicelska Darya (3312-1), the third place took Egor Timoshov(3322-1) and Victoria Dyad (3312-1). Among future bachelors Yanina Brensey (3319, “Journalism”) took the first place, the second place has got Tatyana Gula (3339, “Publishing and Editing”), and the top three leaders closes Alisa Tsiganska (3329, “Advertising and public relations”).
The scientific association sincerely congratulates the winners and with them further success! And the one, who didn’t get prize places – don’t be upset! There is still plenty of time to reach the top.

Andreeva Darya, the head of SASA Journalism Faculty
Photo: Dmitro Korol

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