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ZNU Press Centre News / News / 24 of November is a Day of Famine genocide victims

24 of November is a Day of Famine genocide victims

23.11.2012 14:27 голодомор

24, November in Ukraine and 32 countries of the world will be held memorial activities devoted to the 79th anniversary of Famine genocide.

The day of Famine genocide, set by the President of Ukraine since November, 26 1998, traditionally will be held at the 4th Saturday of November.
In the XX century Ukraine survived three Famine genocides: 1921-1923, 1932-1933, 1946-1947 years, but Famine genocide of 1932-1933 was the most mass and the most cruel.
According to the data of historians, Famine genocide victims in Ukraine in 1932-1933, according to the different assessments, became from 7 to 10 million people. It means, that those tragic years Ukraine didn’t count from 10 to 25 per cents of its population, loosing 25 thousand people every day, and one thousand - every hour, 17 - every minute.
During holding the Ukrainian wide action “Light the candle of memory” millions of the Ukrainian citizens will light candles in the windows of their houses.