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In ZNU held contest “Macho of the dormitory №3”

27.11.2012 09:04 Університет відділ виховної роботи свято

November, 22 in the hall of the dormitory number 3 the contest "Macho of the dormitory" was held. During the event, the jury selected the best of the best among its members. The show gathered many viewers: some came to support, and some came just to have fun.

There are took part five attractive and talented young fellows in the contest: Andriy Miroshnichenko (Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology), Igor Shmelev ( Economics and Law College), Sergiy Zinchenko and Dmitro Nachman (both are from Faculty of Matematics) and Anthon Makarov (Faculty of Management).
The participants were judged by the jury, which consisted coworkers of educational work - Tetyana Balanyuk, Svitlana Kondratenko, Olexandr Nosenko, Inna Derevynska.
The guides of this event were Ivan Stolyarevsky and Vitaliy Kinchak, who performed as old ladies characters before the viewers.
The first stage of the contest was the presentation of the talents, during which the guys demonstrated their abilities and skills in different genres. The show program was opened by Anthon Makarov, who caught the viewers with his explosive dancing with elements of law break. There was also Sergiy Zinchenko romantic choreography performance, which ended with explosion of passionate feelings, and demonstration of combat skills by Dmytro Nachman as well. The public was pleased by the “tasty” jokes of Dmytro Nachman. Not less bright there was performance of Andriy Miroshnichenko with his musical composition of Max Barsky “Student”.
While the breaks between performances of the participants there was singing of student girls – the vocalists of dormitory №3 — Valentina Procenko, Nataliya Onishkevitch and Olena Struk.
The final part of the contest was common dance composition of the participants, after what there was held awarding. Each of the participants was awarded with the victory of the separate nomination.
The title “Glamour macho” was awarded to Sergiy Zinchenko, “Mister attractiveness” to Andriy Miroshnichenko. The owner of the “Zest of the dormitory” title became Anthon Markov. Dmitro Nachman was nominated twice, getting both “Mister anti-stress” and “People’s choice” titles. And finally! Igor Shmelev became the owner not only “Macho of the dormitory №3” title, but became a winner of the photo contest. With what we congratulate him!

Anastasiya Shilova,
Katerina Yurchuk

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