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Russian Poets and Scientists Visited ZNU

17.01.2013 11:24 All Faculties Philology Університет філологічний факультет круглий стіл

January 6, the roundtable dedicated to the problems of the modern poetry in Russia, with the participation of prominent Russian scientists and poets was held at Zaporizhzhya National University.

Lecturers and students of the University, representatives of the literary club "99", Zaporizhzhya Regional Literary Association, and all visitors were able to learn more about the current state of Russian poetry, the latest scientific methods used by linguists in analyzing contemporary poetic texts, and listen to poetry.
At the begining of the event the Russian poet, literary critic, editor and philologist Dmytro Kuzmin presented his colleagues: Doctor of Philology, head of the Center of World Poetry Studies, Professor of the Department of Russian Language in Moscow State Pedagogical University, poet Natalya Azarova, poet and literary critic Kyril Korchagin and engineer of Bashkir State University computer philology laboratory, Candidate of Philological Sciences Boris Orekhov.
The first part of the meeting the participants spent considering the relation of modern poetry and linguistics in Russia. In particular, Natalya Azarova told about the tasks of the Center of World Poetry Studies. Natalya Mikhailivna noted that today's linguists mostly choose the poets of the Silver Age or at least the first half of the twentieth century for analysis, they weren't interested in modern poetry. That's why the most important goal of the Center - to familiarize researchers with a modern poetic subsystem of the Russian literature.
Kyril Korchagin and Boris Orekhov told about the modern methods used by linguists, particularly the so-called "component study of poetry". Due to the special computer program the selection among the vast array of the Russian poetic texts (more than 4 million words) will be conducter according to certain semantic or linguistic grounds. In the near future scientists are planning to create the base of Ukraininan poetry and poetry in the Bashkir language.
During the second part of the meeting Natalya Azarova, Kyril Korchagin and Dmytro Kuzmin presented their poemsand poetic translations. At the end ZNU guests promised to come back again, especially with the presentation of the new textbook dedicated to the poetry. Dean of ZNU Faculty of Philology Tamara Homyak thanked poets for the great speeches, expressed hope for the new meetings and presented them with commemorative books of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Tamila Tarasenko

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