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Lecturers and Students of ZNU Faculty of Foreign Philology Met Pupils of Kuibyshev District

11.02.2013 09:40 All Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології профорієнтаційна діяльність

Three years ago, for the purpose of the vocational guidance in schools of Zaporozhzhya region the mobile group of the Faculty of Foreign Philology was established. During this time the vocational visited schools of Mikhailivskiy, Vilnyanskiy, Zaporizhzhya, Kamyansko-Dneprovskiy and Pologi Districts.

As a rule, FFP representatives meet with graduates and teachers of three or four schools. Usually during these meetings teachers and students talk about Zaporizhzhya National University and the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Also, the program of the event includes a small concert, answering the questions of prospective students and blitz testing to determine the level of pupils' knowledge of foreign languages. During such visits the Faculty updates the database of entrants in order to continue the communication with them.
February 7, the lecturers of the Faculty - Head of the department of the German Philology, Associate Professor Sergiy Vampirov, Associate Professor of the Department of Translation Theory and Practice Mikhailo Bakinskiy, Deputy-Dean for the Vocational Work valentina Emelyanova, lecturer of the Department of Teaching Second Language Oleksandr Manov - and students - Bogdan Kornelyuk, Katerina Demidkina, Evgenia Kondrashova, Darya Levchenko, Ivan Teslenko, Julia Pigareva, Alice Krivosheeva, Tetyana Kotova, Alyona Filanova – visited schools of Kuibyshev District. This district is the most remote area from the regional center and, according to the chairman of Kuibyshev Regional Department of Education Tamara Seleznyova, universities' representatives were rarely guests here.
Graduates were informed about the conduct of the free trial, testing. Prospective entrants lecturers and students invited to enter the Faculty of Foreign Philology in ​​Zaporizhzhya National University.

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