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'Economic Security for Business Development' discussed on the Faculty of Economics

19.02.2013 10:59 All Faculties Economy Faculty of Economics Undergraduare and Postgraduate Student Scientific Society Round table

On February 18 the Faculty of Economics hosted a round table dedicated to the discussion ‘Economic security for business development in Ukraine’. Students, lecturers and experts discussed the issues that were highly important for the whole country and for our region in particular.

The event was organized at the Faculty of Economics in the frame of the Student scientific problem group of the “Finances and Credit” department. The dean of the faculty, Doctor of economic sciences Alla Cherep was moderating the meeting.

The head of the Scientific Society of Students and Post-graduates of the faculty of Economics Oleksandr Korobov and the activists of the faculty Society Sergiy Medvid,Tetyana Veremeychyk, and Oleg Andryuschenko also contributed to the organization and conducting of the meeting.

In her foreword the dean of the Faculty, professor Alla Cherep turned the attention of the audience to the issue of economic security and its significance for successful business development in Ukraine and in Zaporizhzhya in particular. Alla Vasylyivna stressed that in the conditions of financial and economic crisis security management becomes an issue of current concern.

According to the data, in the period from January to November 2011 the index of the agricultural production capacity totaled 95.2%, including the one of the agricultural enterprises – 92.8%, and of the private households – 97.6%. These figures testify the decline in comparison with the same period of the year 2010.

If we compare the period from January to November 2012 with the same time frame of 2011, we’ll see that the average prices on agricultural products in all selling destinations have grown by 7%, including those on the crop products – by 3% and on livestock farming – by 10%. In November 2012 the prices on agricultural products were 3% higher comparing to October, including the prices for the crop products – by 4% and livestock breeding – by 0.2%.

Black economy is a phenomenon that is common to all world economies. However its scale varies a lot ranging from 8.0% of GDP in Austria to 32.3% in Bulgaria. According to various experts, in Ukraine 35 - 50% of GDP belongs to the hidden economy. At the World Economic Forum the spread of black economy was declared the one of the main global risks of the next decade. That’s why the scholars are given a task to come up with the methods of financial system management that will provide the economic security to the state.

The participants presented reports accompanied with clear and informative presentations. The guest lecturers and experts, namely the member of the Academy of Sciences of social technologies and local government of the Russian Federation Zhanna Malahova raised an issue of scientific intelligence that captured everybody’s interest.

The discussion began with a report “The economic security of an enterprise” by Andriy Urusov. The audience showed interest in the questions raised by Professor Nataliya Maksyshko and the assistant of the department of Finances and Credit Anastasiya Puhalska.

In his turn Oleksandr Rudnytskiy noted that “the economic security has a significant role not only on the level of small and medium businesses but also on the level of bank institutions”.

Ruslan Gavrylyuk presented an interesting report where he pointed out that the agricultural business of Ukraine is in need of regulation by the government because the Agro-industrial complex is one of the main sectors of economy that contributes to the state budget.

The reports of Nadiya Lanchkovska were also very informative and comprised important “statistical and analytical data connected with a process of normative legal regulation of economic security on the business level”.

Afterwards the member of the Academy of Sciences of social technologies and local government of the Russian Federation Zhanna Malahova took a word and emphasized that with the development of market relations in Ukraine local businesses observed the decrease in direct state support of their activity and realized the need to create the conditions for their secure development themselves. This uncertainty means that the enterprises should be constantly adapting, that is to look for new methods of providing economic security and to maintain the old ones in order to achieve the economic and social goal the enterprise has set.

In the end of the round table Professor Alla Cherep invited everyone to attend the future meetings and conferences of the Faculty of Economics.

It should be mentioned that in their reports the students not only point out the current problems in the sphere of Economics but also offer the ways to solve them.

The UPSSS, Faculty of Economics




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