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‘Activ-Z’ organized a soccer game to bring together the sectors of modern society

19.02.2013 10:48 All Faculties Journalism indoor-soccer Faculty of Journalism

On February 16 Zaporizhzhya National University hosted an indoor soccer game for “Activ-Z” Cup. For the first time the competition was supported by a non-governmental organization “Activ-Z” together with Zaporizhzhya Municipal Indoor Soccer Association and ZNU Rector Mykola Frolov.

According to the head of the sports department of “Activ-Z” Roman Popchuk, who was the initiator of the event, the main purpose of the game was to bring together four sectors of the modern society – government, business, mass media and community.

All four sectors were present at the soccer field: the team “Hippocrates” (the government representatives), “Commonwealth” (mass media), “Business Alliance” (business people) and “Activ-Z” (community and NGO representatives).

The game between “Business Alliance” and “Commonwealth” finished with a score 12:2, then the baton was passed to “Hippocrates” and “Activ-Z” (4:1). The match between “Activ-Z” and “Business Alliance” followed and ended with a score 8:6 thus bringing the third place to the activists of “Z”-team.

The final match determined the winners: in the game with “Hippocrates” the team of mass media “Commonwealth” won with a score 6:5.

 “Activ-Z” is an NGO created in November 2012 by the student mayor of Zaporizhzhya Mykhail Fedorov. The movement brings together young activists of various non-governmental and volunteer organizations.

Kristina Ralko

Photography by the author

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