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'3, 4, 2' team of the Law Faculty is a winner in the Academic League 2013

25.02.2013 10:26 All Faculties Law Faculty of Law KVK

On February 23 the final competition of KVK (Club of Cheerful and Sharp-witted) of the third Academic League took place in Orbita Palace of Culture. There were 7 teams: “3, 4, 2” (the Law Faculty of ZNU), “A bald-head got angry” (ZNTU), “A centimeter of happiness” (ZNTU), “For you” (Zaporizhzhya), “For God’s sake” (Melitopol), “Half-meter shared by three” (ZAK) and “Gagarin” (ZNTU).

The teams were evaluated by the famous KVK players. There was “A golden voice of KVK” Suren Markaryan; vice-champions of the Dnipro league; the participants of Sochi festival - 2013; the participants-to-be of the High KVK League of Ukraine - 2013 Eduard Rybalevskiy and Igor Lysenko (ZNTU team) and their captain Slavik Yushkov; a champion of Youth league Oleksiy Enyutin; the best sound engineer of Ukraine Sergiy Belikov. The event was hosted by Dmytro Shendryk.

The teams competed in 4 contests: Greeting, Warm up, Biathlon and Homework.

The funny sketches on everyday life were appreciated by the audience. The team “For God’s sake” presented the work of a radio station that organized a program of requests to the holiday of February 23. “Half-meter shared by three” pretended they were hiding in a bunker to survive under the meteorite shower. “For you” offered a song dedicated to every social problem of our city and “Gagarin” brought smiles with military jokes. All teams got “excellent” marks for their Homework.

However the performances of the teams “A bald-head got angry” and “3, 4, 2” were the most outstanding ones. The former team made a dress up show in the spirit of “The Lord of the Rings” movie. And “3, 4, 2” staged a scene about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. According to them a famous detective lived in Zaporizhzhya and looked for a stolen plan of the bridges under construction.

Finally the teams got special gifts from the jury members: a “traditional” pair of socks, vitamin C, a notebook for “funny jokes”, a hammer and a Ukrainian flag. The team “3, 4, 2” of the Faculty of Law was named the best team of the final competition of the Academic League - 2013. Its members scored 17 points overall. The other places were distributed as follows: “A bald-head got angry” got the second place with a score of 16.4 points, “Half-meter shared by three” was the third – 15.7 points, next goes “Gagarin” (15.5 points), «A centimeter of happiness» (15.4 points), «For God’s sake» (14.1). The last one was the team “For you” with a score of 11.7.

Antonina Frolova

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