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Law students debating on Data Protection Legislation

26.02.2013 16:18 All Faculties Law Faculty of Law

Today the students of the 4st year of studies and the master’s degree students of the Law faculty attended a lecture given by the experts in Data Protection law: Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of management in the Internal affairs bodies (within National Academy of Internal Affairs) Volodymyr Lipkan and the PhD in Law, head of the Research department of theory and history of Data Protection Law of Scientific Research Centre of information sciences legislation (within National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine) Vitaliy Tsimbalyuk.

Volodymyr Lipkan gave a talk on the general provisions of Information law and its development perspectives in the conditions of the ongoing transformation processes and the emerging of absolutely new attitudes on the legislation in this sphere. In his turn Vitaliy Tsimbalyuk highlighted the need to implement the legislation on Information sharing. He stressed the need for classification and comprehensive approach to the problem.

The students were eagerly involved in discussing current issues of the legislation on data protection, with the following questions-and-answers session from the experts.

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