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In ZNU celebrated Day of poetry

25.03.2013 11:21 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет свято

On 21 of March, the whole world celebrates Day of poetry. The philological faculty of ZNU organized creative event. Days of poetry in our higher education institution traditionally spent with support of The Student’s and Graduate student’s Scientific Society of philological faculty.

All comers could come to action and present their literature works to public, but participants had in advance to send the verses or the essay. Not only students-philologists expressed the desire to take part in this event, but also students of other faculties and even graduates of ZNU. In total about 20 performers appeared during the Day of Poetry. The cosy and poetic atmosphere created by performances of poets – Viktoriya Matveyeva, Kateryna Sheluntsova, Diana Ramazanova, Maryna Hromada, Anet Sarychova, Tetyana Didenko, Alina Truzhenko, Anna Karchevska, Viktor Stefutin, Juliya Hryn and others.

Alina Polyakova
Photos of Anna Usadska

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