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Advances in economics students - members of the "Young Science-2013"

12.04.2013 13:36 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет

April 11 at the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University within the traditional university VI Annual Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science-2013" was meeting the section "Economics".

From the foreword by the participants asked the Dean of Faculty of Economics, Professor Alla Cherep. She stressed the importance of the issues to be considered during the Section. All of them are related to the development of science in the modern conditions of the domestic economy. Alla Vasulivna wished the conference good work and success in future research.
Presentations were made by students of the Faculty of Economics, Economic and Legal Representatives of College Students and Junior Academy of Business Administration. 
So Kryukov Vladislav in the study "Internet Marketing" found that this section is one of the most promising areas of marketing policy today. Igor Tovkach, considered the "Impact of startups on the economy of the world and Ukraine", noted that the study of the effect on the economy of Ukraine startups should continue in terms of the factors that hinder the development of venture capital funds in Ukraine. Bogdan Khokhlov in the "Development of Cultural Industries in CARICOM countries in modern conditions" highlighted the need for such policy initiatives that have helped to disseminate local and regional benefits, instituted legal, regulatory, fiscal support existing creative activities. Anastasia Nikulina in the report on "Prospects for growth in weight and importance of Ukraine in international finance" offered very sound strategy and economic reforms in Ukraine. 
Constantine Merkulov in his work on "The difficulties of foreign trade" paid attention to documentation and its regulation in the international context. And Ruslan Havryliuk with the theme "Financing Agrarian Policy of Ukraine" reported on the agricultural sector and the prospects of a partnership with China. Report Vladislav Hlepitko "Employment policy in EU agriculture" dealt with the legal framework and official measures in the field of agricultural policy in Europe.
Great interest aroused in the audience performances of Anna Voroshilova "Peculiarities of foreign policy of Ukraine" and Julia Pleskach "The essence of international factors and the competitive environment of the enterprise." 
After the conference, Dean Cherep Alla invited the audience to participate in these meetings, roundtables and conferences in economics.

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