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Open House gathered in Zaporizhzhya National University, more than 700 students from the city and region

22.04.2013 15:25 Університет День відкритих дверей профорієнтаційна діяльність

21 on April at the Open Day in Zaporizhzhya National University visited nearly 700 high school students not only from the city but also from all areas of our region. Applicants and their parents were able to learn more about the selected faculties, ask the university administration and staff selection committee, take a tour of our university campus and receive information material. 

The official part of the event started at 10:00. But many visitors visited the University in advance to learn about favorite departments, meet with teachers and students of our university. In the lobby of the second building representatives schools registered participants and brought them to the database of applicants. They also provide all the necessary information on training, the number of budget places, admissions, compilation of independent external evaluation and so on.
From 9:00 am in the auditorium of the second academic building for guests university long concert program prepared by the Centre for cultural work of Zaporizhzhya National University. Leading event are freshmen Catherine Demina and Denis Bilokin - reported admission of the diversity of student life at our university. A festive mood created attend performances of "stars" of Zaporizhzhya National University - participants vocal studio "Cantilena" Center cultural work – Mikola Biluk, Julija Danuljuk, Julija Fedorenko, Victoria Nazarova, Igor Luschanskiy, Julija Lapa, Evgen Sirkov, Oleksiy Vorosheev, Evgenia Condrashova, Alina Sur, Evgen Slavskiy and dance performances from members of the studio «D.A.L.S.». Also in the concert program was attended by applicants of Zaporizhzhya National University Elizabeth Kovalchuk and Julia Romanenko.
During the official part of Zaporizhzhya National University Rector, Professor Nikolay Frolov congratulated the audience to the fact that they made the right choice by pointing to Zaporizhzhya National University, because it is - a powerful institution, which now has about 15,000 students. Nikolai Oleksandrovich also stressed that last year 30 graduates of our university first received the European standard. "We have all the conditions not only for successful student learning, but also for their overall development and recreation," - he said. Also Nikolai Oleksandrovich answered questions seniors.
Executive secretary of the selection committee Stanislav Ivanenko in his speech assured the audience that admission does not fundamentally changed compared to last year. He addressed the audience with a request to focus on the timing of admissions, the number of points required to enter their chosen profession, and so on. Also, Stanislav Valentinovich stressed that admissions doors are always open for students and their relatives, and invited to resolve all issues in working order. Head of the Preparatory Department Irina Bakalenko invited those present at the event tenth visit in the next academic year in courses where they will not only be able to prepare for external evaluation, but also to adapt to future studies at university. This year's graduates but she assured that the successful assembly of independent external evaluation provided good training is realistic. She reminded that our university for the fifth consecutive year, is the basis for the passage of external evaluation. Also Irina Mukolaivna wished all the graduates to meet the September 1 is as freshmen of Zaporizhzhya National University.
After the official part of the tour for high school students staged a campus university. Also, pupils showed classrooms and labs their chosen schools, closer acquainted with their teachers and students. High school students were satisfied with the meeting and expressed their gratitude to the teachers and administration of Zaporizhzhya National University.
Anastasiya Lysenko of Kushuhumskoyi school "Intellect" says: - On the open day I learned from faculty who came to our school and invited everyone to come to Zaporizhzhya National University. I want to graduate, I was attracted to the work of a psychologist, so I gladly took advantage of the opportunity to visit the high school and see everything with your own eyes. Karina Ermolenko came to our university from Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk region):
- Our family moved to Zaporozhye, so of course I am interested in local universities. On Open Day in Zaporizhzhya National University learned from the internet, and therefore came to the event. I chose for higher education specialty "Accounting and Auditing", is now able to communicate with teachers and students of the Faculty of Economics, learn more about the pleasing occupation.
Evgen Kosteckiy of Zaporozhye educational complex number 103 states:
- I like science. I know that this profession is available on the Faculty of Mathematics of Zaporizhzhya National University, so came here to learn about all the features and conditions of entry to it, as well as the number of budget places in the Faculty of Mathematics. Also interesting to meet with prospective teachers and see the educational building.

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