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The Faculty of Philology began working art studio with Easter eggs painting

23.04.2013 10:01 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет майстер-клас

Conducting workshops with Easter eggs painting has already become a good tradition for the Faculty of Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University. This year for the fourth time on the eve of Easter week all visitors gather in the Afters in Faculty of Philology to create your own real-Ukrainian Easter egg amulet.

Opening this year's workshop, Dean of the Faculty of Philology Tamara Chomiak noted that the Chair of Ukrainian Studies with the head of it head Stadnichenko Olga once made a very good deal, launching such art studio. During their work with their hands to create an Easter egg in which coded wish a happy fate of ancient symbols could not only students and teachers of the University, but also representatives of many community organizations in our city, people learned about the workshops by accident, but decided to take in them.
Olga Stadnichenko supplement that among participants in workshops "Glow Easter eggs" are those who have come here not the first time. "Making Eggs - is not only able to clean soul before Easter, the concentration of the positive thoughts and wishes himself close leads to the fact that dreams come true, because egg - a symbol of life and a powerful amulet", - said Olga.
Assistant Chair of Ukrainian Studies, People's mistress Elena Yatsenko in his lectures, which he held to creative workshops, spoke about the symbolism of the main elements of ornament and the main colors used in traditional Easter eggs painting. She also mentioned the interesting traditions associated with the creation of eggs. In particular Elena told that the owner could still paint before Easter to 100 eggs, which are presented to relatives and friends, leaving only one Easter egg that was to serve the guardian home for the whole year. These charms in any case can not be disposed of. In some houses in western Ukraine and in the attics found on two hundred eggs, so you can find age of the building.
- Unfortunately, we have, in eastern Ukraine, the tradition of coloring eggs was lost somewhere in the two generations, but thanks to the workshops we hope to revive it again.
The tradition of coloring eggs existed in ancient times throughout the world, but only in Ukraine, it became a decorative art, - said Elena Yatsenko. As in previous years, a workshop interest and local media have put members of the Faculty of Philology are many questions related to the Easter traditions and art of Easter eggs painting.
Among the regular participants of these workshops is Zaporozhye famous singer and composer Anatoly Serduk. He came to the west, and this time, performing some of their present compositions, including - and his famous "Khortytsya".
Recall that workshopd continue at our university during the week (from 22 to 26 April). All interested persons can visit the Upper Room, located on the fourth floor of the second academic building Zaporizhzhya National University. Get started art studies every day at 13 hours.

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