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Easter traditions, Easter cake and eggs from the Chair of Ukrainian artists

23.04.2013 15:48 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет кафедра українознавства Великдень майстер-клас

In Zaporizhzhya National University in the department of Ukrainian Studies continues work of creative studios, during which participants acquire skills preparing cakes, eggs painting and creating pottery.

23 on April in the upper room of the Faculty held a lecture about making Easter cakes, utensils festive basket, Easter customs and traditions, and was a workshop on Easter eggs painting. Today's events had a head of department of artistic speech Zaporizhzhya Regional State TV and Radio Company Oksana Glady and lecturer in Ukrainian studies, people's mistress Elena Yatsenko. Also at the event was attended by the Chair of Ukrainian Studies Olga Stadnichenko, Vice Dean for Education of the Faculty of History Inna Shuhalova, students of various faculties of our university, guests and media representatives. Skillful mistress and craftsmen shared with the young people's experiences on creating products - symbols of the holiday.
According to the Chair of Ukrainian Studies Olga Stadnichenko such events have become traditional on the eve of Easter and gaining popularity not only among students and university employees, but also among the general public citizens of our city.
Year after year, expanding audience members studios diversified spectrum of arts and crafts which are trained craftsmen. Today the gathering of tradition baking cakes became a leading expert Zaporizhzhya Regional State TV and Radio Company "Zaporozhye" and good mistress Oksana Gladiy. She shared commercial secrets with young people and described the symbolism and etymology main attribute holidays. In different regions of sweet bread round shape called differently - Easter, baba, babka. On the Podillja, where is from Oksana Bogdanivna its unsweetened baked and decorated with patterns made from unleavened dough. In Zaporozhye, as in other parts of eastern Ukraine, is a common tradition of baking sweet cakes. It is also bordered egg glaze, powder, dry fruits. But most importantly, according to Oksana Glady, it must be created mistress hands to be a symbol of unity of the whole family. 

It is generally believed that do cakes - a purely female thing. Attending the event the first year students of the Faculty of Philology Alexey Frolov, who came to study in Zaporizhzhya National from Western Ukraine, said that the city Sosnivka (Lviv region) has an interesting tradition - there is a group of men, which is famous for baking festive cakes, and that their products enjoyed considerable popularity in the region.
After the lecture was a workshop on Easter eggs paintin, which held people's mistress Elena Yatsenko. She noted:
- If in holiday basket for Easter on the first place is Easter, it must be near Easter eggs.
She told the audience that the eggs as symbols of life must be written to the raw egg. The tradition of creating them is rooted in pagan times and has a certain symbolism. Here are painting the symbols-signs of the sun, stars, krutorohiv, cross, waves, animals, birds and more. On the feast of Easter egg could act as a greeting card with wishes of happiness, health, longevity, and experts were able to read it. Also it could be a talisman that persisted throughout the year. The master also spoke about the importance of color and technique Easter eggs, secrets shared celebration of Christ's Resurrection and related sacred tradition of family togetherness. Then the participants were able to create their own works of art.

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