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ZNU students took part in a bicycle quest

24.04.2013 09:48 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики

April 20 to day of the bicycle invention students of the Zaporizhzhya National University took part in a bicycle quest during which all participants moved from point A in point B by bicycles. Student council of ZNU faculty of journalism was organizers of this quest.

Game began in the Zaporizhzhya central "Oak Grove". 10 students took part in a quest and were divided into four teams. Each team had to pass eleven stages for two hours.
On each point students had to solve
a logical problem or execute sports exercises with bicycle to continue the game. The team received one letter then they have to make the name of the finish place, and the next point. As a result of long struggle Igor Gonchara's team (the soundman of ZNU Center of cultural and mass work) and Vitaly Ashikhmin won the bicycle quest.
They received a cup and, as well as other teams, certificate of participation. The youth was happy with interesting action, in particular
Yana Filimonova made a comment about her participation in a quest: "I like the bicycle quest so much. Organizers made a great job, everything was at the level, and perfectly circumspect! On each point we were met by good people. I like the locations! Thanks for interesting Saturday! It is pleasant that we have such organizers in our city. And special thanks for the certificate,it is very lovely ".
After interesting
tasks and long struggle organizers and participants went to eat and also had an opportunity to get to know better each other and find new friends.

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