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The Faculty of Journalism Zaporizhzhya National University held a training on "Age perepost-modernism"

25.04.2013 09:27 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики

The Faculty of Journalism Zaporizhzhya National University held a training on "Age perepost-modernism" 23 on April to coincide with World Book Day and Copyright. The training was organized at the initiative of the student council, namely Konstantin Andreev, who led the event.

Conventionally training divided into three parts: theoretical information on copyright, plagiarism in Ukrainian history and modernity; piracy. In the first block of action the word was taken by Candidate of Philology Christina Pirogova. She described the documents that the legislation governing copyright. Among them are the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights". Students realized that this area of information relations, as the Internet is not regulated in Ukraine by any documents. Participants debated whether to create documents that will protect authors that are published online. Specifically Ann Stavisky expressed the following opinion: "The use of other materials - is in any case of theft. Mass-media who are concerned about their own image, must take care of it." "I would make these laws as guidelines for journalists. This, in my opinion, the case of morals "- spoke Konstantin Andreev.

Christine Mykhajlivna also told students about the most common methods of copyright infringement: replication - sending material to a large number of different publications; creative recycling - comments are taken from another article and inserted into a material; rewrite - a complete change of words in the material while preserving the merits publication; compilation - copying unchanged material, but the attribution to it of another author. "Unfortunately, the leading portals not only Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine and abused by all these methods. They earn on it. They are not professionals, but people who are able to handle a creative material. This is not journalism, "- stated Christine Pirogova.

Konstantin Andreev told the students about one of the first cases of plagiarism in Ukrainian literature in the second block meeting. So Marco Vovchock, doing translation work, for lack of time paying money to other interpreters, then their work published under your own. Once writer has paid a smaller amount of money and interpreters gave her not own translations, as well as copied from others. On reducing remittance of funds learned the proper authorities, and Vovchock, so as not to admit of plagiarism, had to pay a considerable amount of the fine. Today is also interesting examples of plagiarism. So Raisa Bohatyrova accused that she copied the speech of Steve Jobs when speaking to the students of Kiyevo-Mogilyansky Academy.

Also during training, students discussed examples of plagiarism and piracy in music. "Are you willing to pay a certain sum of money in order to buy the album favorite artist?" - asking the audience Constantine. Half of the participants said they are ready.

At the end of the training moderator advised students to try to follow the laws and be honest to yourself.

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