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Faculty of Law of ZNU held the reporting and election meeting of the League of LAU Students cell

16.05.2013 09:40 All Faculties Law Ліга студентів Асоціації правників України Юридичний факультет

On May 15th the reporting and election meeting of Zaporizhzhya League of LAU Students cell was held at the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University.

The first issue of the agenda was the presentation of the head of the “brain-rings, seminars, conferences” direction Yevgeny Artomov. The main objective of the project is the regular conducting of seminars on the general theme of “Practice of the European Court of Human Rights”. Yevgeny suggested to involve teachers and, if possible, lawyers-practitioners to the organization of seminars. Each of the seminars will be focused on specific rights guaranteed by the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. After answering the questions concerning the proposed project, it was unanimously approved.
The chairman of Zaporizhzhya cell Dmytro Suprun announced his resignation. The cell members thanked the chairman for his efficient work during the school year. Dmytro Suprun proposed the candidates for the cell presidency to tell about their activity program and about themselves.
The candidate for the cell presidency Dmytro Kalnysh was the first speaker. In his program, he stressed the importance of the student participation in the nationwide events; the student mutual assistance; he outlined a vision of the future directions in his work.
The next speaker was the candidate for the presidency Ivan Shumeyko. During his speech he said that the main priority of the cell must be the quality of the events, and not their number. He also stressed on the future expansion of cell, he outlined the need to highlight the cell in the media. The cell members had the opportunity to ask the candidates for the cell presidency some questions. After the programs presenting Dmytro Suprun announced the presentation of the nationwide event projects.
The projects were developed by the candidates for the cell presidency. Ivan Shumeyko performed with his project on “All Ukrainian Tournament on Public Administration in the environmental field”. Then Dmytro Kalnysh presented his project entitled “Nationwide competitions on Administrative and Tort Law”.
After the presentation of the projects the cell chairman Dmytro Suprun invited the audience to participate in a secret voting for the nationwide event project and for the candidacy of the new cell chairman. The project of Dmytro Kalnysh entitled “Nationwide competitions on Administrative and Tort Law” won the elections. The 2nd year student Ivan Shumeyko was elected the chairman of Zaporizhzhya cell of LAU Students League from May 15, 2013.
The newly elected Chairman of the cell thanked those present for their support and announced that the position of the cell press secretary is now free. Dmytro Kalnysh was elected unanimously on this position. Also as the voting result Victoriya Tymchuk was chosen for the position of the head of the “Centre of Corporate Programs” direction.
It was also asked to provide the candidates for the the position of the first deputy chairman of the cell. The only candidate for this position was Yevgen Artomov, so he was chosen.
Congratulations to the newly elected cell team and wish them further fruitful work! 

Faculty of Law 

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