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At the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU completed the first session of creative contests

18.07.2013 09:45 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики

July 11 at the Faculty of Journalism was held a creative contest for admission to full-time education for EQL "Bachelor". It was held for students who have submitted documents to ZNU in the period of 1st to 10th July.

The purpose of creative contest in the specialty "Journalism" was to identify the readiness of entrants to master the journalistic profession, opening the creative potential of entrants test the ability to characterize events and phenomena, assessment skills of writing, the ability to accurately and fully disclose the subject and competently express opinions in Ukrainian.
This year's the first session of creative contest in the specialty "Journalism" was attended by 124 of the 200 entrants.
According to Ph.D., associate professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Journalism of career guidance Nataliya Tyapkina, «This year all members of the subject committee noted a general sufficient level of literacy of entrants. The task of creative contest consisted of two levels. The first level - to write the note, essay, speech at the school assembly and so on. It was nice to watch the understanding of genres of entrants. Because this issue in the school curriculum given insufficient attention. And also we believe that training courses helped to successfully cope with this task.
The second level - an essay on one of the suggested topics. Entrants had to show their horizons of understanding of social problems, the ability to logically and, of course, to properly express themselves. This is where the conflict occurred - with flawless literacy some works were superficial and boring, with zero information content. There were also the opposite situation - filled with interesting facts, living language written story contained a lot of spelling and punctuation errors. Both the first and second time are not evaluated by highest points ».
The first stage of creative contest in the specialty "Journalism" was held in a very friendly atmosphere. For tasks entrants were given four hours, but they coped within two to three hours.
The next creative contest in the specialty "Journalism" will take place on Monday - July 22. For entrants, persons with disabilities, military personnel, retired in 2013, and graduates who were educated before 2007, creative contest will be held on
July 29. For entrants of the correspondence form of education, creative contest will be held on August 5.

Nataliya Ivanivna advised for entrants «do not be afraid to express your opinion, write about the things that passed through the soul, truly amazing, capture or impressive. The work must be very interesting especially for young people, not trivial for friends. And, of course - readable as even a brilliant thing written in illegible handwriting may remain undervalued».

Olena Yaroshenko

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