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Scientific Library of ZNU invites to events on the 22 anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine

21.08.2013 14:26 Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ

This year Ukraine celebrates 22 anniversary of Independence. This year celebrates 22 anniversary of Ukraine Independence. In Zaporizhzhya National University, to this event dedicated the book series of exhibitions created by members of the Scientific Library of ZNU (second building). The exhibition presents documentary materials, artistic and journalistic works that reflect a wide panorama of events associated with the creation of our independent country.

In the reading room of philological literature (R. 139) is placed book exhibition "The day that changed history - August 24, 1991 Ukraine became independent." Here you can find publications that represent major milestones in the history of Ukrainian independence from the "Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine" (1990) to "the Act of Independence of Ukraine" (1991).
Reading Room of socio-political, law, economic, literary and scientific periodicals (Room 137) presents an stand of exhibition "Day of the National Flag of Ukraine (August 23)", publication dedicated principal symbol of statehood.
Reading Room for Teachers (Room 134) offers get acquainted with the scientific selection "Reconstructing of Ukraine. Proceedings of the teachers of ZNU».
Scientific Library of ZNU offers visitors not only printed sources. Hall of Electronic Resources (Room 126) and a reading room for teachers are invited to online events that provide access to historical and documentary resources. Official Web-portal of State Archival Service of Ukraine at the exhibition "Independence: deep roots" ( open in on-line mode documentary sources since the Ukrainian Cossack state seventeenth and eighteenth centuries till the period of independence of Ukraine (1991-2006). You can read the documents in 1991 that have not been printed in the history books to see the appearance of the original documents.
Virtual tour of "The history of Ukrainian parliamentarism: from the time of Kiev Rus to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" on the website of the library of the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine ( It reveals Ukrainian parliamentary tradition from the time of Kiev Rus to the creation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Presidents of Ukraine Fund of National Vernadsky Library of Ukraine on the virtual book exhibition "Institute of presidency in Ukraine and foreign countries" ( is a collection of books and collections of four presidents of the independent Ukraine - Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, Victor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych. Here are the materials of personal research papers, selected articles, memoirs and reflections, as well as excerpts from diaries, speeches and interviews, which highlights the process of formation and development of the Ukrainian state in late XX - early XXI century.
Electronic bibliography of the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine "Politics and Policy in the mirror periodicals» ( also enables search for articles about the events in 1991, the individual political figures and journalists worked and fought for independence, national and regional media in Ukraine and Russia.
Central State Archive of higher authorities and government of Ukraine has the opportunity to review archival documents on the history of the National Flag of Ukraine (1947-1992 years) in the virtual reading room archives ( ).
State archives of Zaporizhzhya region prepared virtual exhibition: "Zaporizhzhya August 1991» ( content & view = article & id = 141 & Itemid = 49 & lang = uk), which are electronic copies of publications of Zaporizhzhya newspapers and government documents of Zaporizhzhya region from 20 August to 6 September 1991
To see people's faces, feel the mood period of formation of independence also allows video and internet photo sources "Day of Independence - Events August 1991» (,
photo report "Ukraine unknown. The first celebration of Independence Day": (
та «Фотогалерея: 24 серпня 1991 року»: (
The result of information retrieval of the Scientific Library of ZNU became a subsidiary scientific bibliography "Ukraine: the establishment of an independent state (the Day of Independence of Ukraine)," created in bibliographic and full-text electronic resources directory. The source base edition as of 08.08.2013 is 1 146 bibliographic descriptions (articles from periodicals, scientific collections, books). Publications are grouped under relevant sections.
In a separate section index "Teachers, graduate students Students of state in an independent Ukraine" included publishing of scientists of ZNU devoted to the historical period of the independent Ukraine. This is - articles from newspapers, magazines, scientific collections, encyclopedias, and books and books chapters covering issues of state, constitutional, electoral and political systems, local governance and democratization processes. With the index is possible to familiarize in the bibliography section (Room 136).
Research Library invites scholars and students to get acquainted with presented at exhibitions and electronic resources materials.

Nina Chala,
Deputy Director of the Scientific Library of ZNU

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