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Congratulations on the Knowledge Day!

31.08.2013 11:03

Dear teachers, students and staff of Zaporizhzhya National University! Dear freshmen!Congratulations on the Knowledge Day and the beginning of a new academic year!

This holiday is not only of teachers and students but also all who ever crossed the threshold of a school class or student audience.
Sincere words of gratitude to - teachers who generously share their knowledge and their wisdom and generosity remain with students for the whole life.
We sincerely wish freshmen spend their first year of study in the walls of ZNU interesting and fruitful, meet sincere and trusted friends, and later - to make their dreams, achieve their goals in life.
To the whole student community want a solid confidence that only knowledge open to man wonderful and immense world, provide great opportunities in order to realize all their abilities to achieve great success in life.
We wish everyone good health, inspiration and self-confidence!