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The famous lawyers met with students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU

11.09.2013 10:38 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет зустріч

September 9, in the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University held a meeting of ZNU student government, including members of Zaporizhzhya branch League of students Lawyers Association of Ukraine, with two important guests. For meeting with our students to Zaporizhzhya made their way Ph.D., associate professor, president of the publishing organization "Yurinkom Inter" Viktor Kovalskyi and Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Research Institute for Intellectual Property of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Olena Orlyuk.

The event started with a welcome speech of the Dean of the faculty of Law, L.L.D., professor, Tetyana Kolomoyets.
The main subject of the meeting was to discuss further cooperation of the Faculty of Law and branch of publishing house "Yurinkom Inter". In particular, issues that discussed were the publication of scientific papers and highlighting of significant events in the legal environment of Ukraine in the newspaper "Journal of Law of Ukraine". In addition, during the event, the participants discussed issues of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, namely finding a reasonable balance between setting out of books in Internet and refusal to publish in open access.
Guests speeches raised many questions of Zaporizhzhya students. Future lawyers interested in the coverage prospects of Allukrainian events in administrative law and justice on the pages of "Journal of Law of Ukraine". Guests of our university responded positively on proposals to enhanced cooperation between publishing house and students.
Participants of the meeting were assured that the guests performances caused them admiration and expressed wish that such events occurred as frequently as possible.

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