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Zaporizhzhya National University - participant of the exhibition "Energy - 2013" and of the IIIrd International Energy Forum

18.09.2013 14:05 енергоефективність енергозбереження виставка

From 11 to 14 September in Odessa, at the exhibition center "Kozak Palace" held X specialized exhibition of energy technologies, industrial electronics and electrical engineering "Energy 2013" and the IIIrd International Energy Forum.

Organizers of the event became the Ukraine Commercial and industrial chamber and Zaporizhzhya commercial and industrial chamber, that supported by the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing-communal service of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency.
At the Xth exhibition "Energy 2013" presented energy-saving technologies, control systems and other equipment, alternative energy, electrical equipment, thermal energy (boilers, heating systems), etc.
Zaporizhzhya National University for the second time participating in this exhibition. Specialists of administrative and economic units and Lab of energy efficiency and energy saving presented a visual stand project on scheduling and automation systems engineering office buildings, which already operates in ZNU. The exposition of ZNU aroused great interest of visitors and exhibitors as a result of fruitful work of our leading experts in energy saving and energy-efficient implementation of leading technologies.
Among the key topics discussed during the Forum of Energy were: saving technologies in industry and municipal sector, renewable of energy from a practical point of view - the experience of European technologies from wind power stations in Ukraine, financing energy projects, the peculiarities of projects implementation on the "green" tariff in Ukraine, building experience of the biggest wind power station in Ukraine, collection and utilization of biogas at landfills of solid waste disposal.
Active part in the forum took Vice-Rector for Educational Research of ZNU, Volodymyr Volkov , who made a report on "Energy conservation and energy efficiency as components of Facility Management Real Estate» and Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply, Sergiy Kushnir, who presented the experience of energy upgrades in Zaporizhzhya National University.
We thank all who contributed to the preparation and participation in the exhibition and forum. Diploma of the exhibition "Energy 2013" - is another confirmation of the desire of Zaporizhzhya National University multiply new "energy efficient" goals and achievements and achieve them.

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