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German scientist Dieter Dammerynh held a master class for students of the Faculty of SPP

04.10.2013 14:34 All Faculties SPP факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології майстер-клас міжнародна діяльність

October 4 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU held a meeting of German scientist, a specialist in integrative pedagogy, Honorary Professor of ZNU Dieter Dammerynh with students of 1st-4th years, specialty "Social Pedagogics". Students not only listened to the story of Mr. Dammerynh on features for working with children with disabilities and ways of their integration into society, which are used in Germany, but were able to put the guest questions about various aspects of the problem.

Opening the meeting Dean of the Faculty Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU Olga Ponomarenko introduced Mr. Dammerynh audience, stressing that fruitful cooperation with German colleagues on the faculty continues over ten years. At the time, the result of this cooperation was the opening of the Faculty of SPP in Zaporizhzhya first lab intended for work with children with special needs and their parents. Olga Viktorivna also emphasized that there is agreement that in March Dieter Dammerynh, during his next visit to Zaporizhzhya will hold several days master class for students of ZNU during which reveal in details the methods of working with children with disabilities.
Today, Mr. Dammerynh offered to students to meet not in the form of lecture, but in the form of conversation. During the conversation, he told the audience that for Germany is very important that ordinary children and children with disabilities have a truly equal rights for their development. Dieter Dammerynh stressed how important it is to take the first step - open the door to kindergartens, schools and other institutions where children learn common for children with disabilities. However, according to his words, before the social pedagogue arise an important questions about how to combine work with children with special needs and with healthy children. Similarly, in his opinion, an important collaboration with parents whose children are growing up with disabilities, who often fall into conflict. But the main goal, which is set by the social pedagogues in Germany - to make children with disabilities happy.
Dieter Dammerynh during the meeting asked our students as, in their opinion, Ukraine will evolve towards integration of children with disabilities into society? As a result of conversations present at the event agreed that success in this business depends not only on the law, which prescribed equal opportunities for different population groups, and the goodwill of every passionate person, especially from those who chose for himself the profession social pedagogue and dedicated his life to working with children with disabilities.
In conclusion the meeting Mr. Dammerynh hopes to continue the conversation with students of ZNU and in more details considered an important aspect of the integration of pedagogics, during master classes that will occur in March and October 2014.

Tamila Tarasenko

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