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Students of the Faculty of SPP congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday

04.10.2013 15:06 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології свято

October 4 students of the Faculty Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU congratulated their teachers on the Teachers' Day. In addition to flowers to their professional holiday faculty staff received as a gift sincere congratulations, interesting concert numbers and good humor.

Hosts of the event - 3rd year students of the specialty "Dramatic Art"Hanna Tkachenko and Ivan Ostrivnyj – on behalf of all the students congratulated Dean of the Faculty Olga Ponomarenko, Heads of the Departments and teachers on the occasion and thanked them for their inspiring work and wisdom.
To these congratulations joined Dean of the Faculty Olga Ponomarenko, noting that the department certainly have the best teachers who deserve sincere greetings and wishes. Also, Olga Viktorivna, referring to the students, said that it is also their holiday, because many of them future teachers. And even those of them who will not be teachers in the future, according to Olga Viktorivna, will be use in their life pedagogic skills.
After a short concert program students of 2nd and 4th years of the specialty "Dramatic Art" presented to teachers their vocal and dancing greeting and humorous scenes. With songs, congratulations during musical breaks performed also student of the specialty "Social Pedagogics" Anastasiya Suslova and student of the Department of Dramatic Arts Evgen Slavinskyj.
Teachers expressed their admiration on concert and thanked the students for their wonderful congratulations.

Tamila Tarasenko

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