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In the Faculty of Law held a tournament of mini-soccer on Femida Cup

04.10.2013 15:32 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет футбол спорт

October 3 at the sports complex of ZNU held a tournament on mini-soccer among students of all courses of the Faculty of Law. Friendship matches of Femida Cup have been devoted the Day of lawyer which will be held on October 8. During the tournament was a collection of additional funds for the treatment of the student of ZNU Marjana Ulanova, injured in a car accident.

In the competition took part 6 teams - representatives of 1st-4th years, sSpecialists and Masters.
Students from all courses attended the tournament and actively rooting for their team. Lawyers-footballers have played 6 matches, each of 20 minutes.
The match between the teams of specialists and students of 2nd year ended with the score 5:1. Masters won the team of Ist year with a score of 5:3. Football players of 4th year win the 3rd year team (2:0) and the team of Masters (3:0). And meeting of 3rd and 1st years students ended with a score of 4:1.
At last, the final game was held between the team of 4th year students and specialists. The main match ended with the score 4:4, but as a result of a penalty shoot the victory team 4th year students, 3rd place took the team of 3rd year students, 2nd place - the team of specialists.
Medalist of the tournament were awarded medals and certificates.

Olga Popova

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