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The Faculty of Law of ZNU visited L.L.D., professor Oleksandr Bandurka

10.10.2013 15:21 Юридичний факультет

October 10 at the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University came advisor to the Rector HNUVS, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the legislative Support of Law Enforcement, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Colonel-General of Police, Doctor of Law, Professor Oleksandr Bandurka.

During the visit to ZNU Oleksandr Markovych held a lecture to law students. The event was attended by Ph.D. in Law, First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Law, professor Tetyana Kolomoets and teachers of the Faculty.
At the beginning of the speech honored guest said that the law now affects all areas of social life, because Ukraine - a legal state, where all social relations are governed by different laws and regulations. However, the observations of Oleksandr Bandurka is a significant difference between what is declared in the laws and their actual implementation. In addition, many regulatory documents in Ukraine need to be improved. Therefore, according to the professor, law students in the future will be able to realize themselves in science and in practice. Because social life - is a continuous process that is constantly changing, there are new issues to be addressed at the legislative level.
Oleksandr Bandurka participated in the development of such fundamental public documents like the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine from July 16, 1990, the Act of Independence of Ukraine on August 24, 1991, the Constitution of Ukraine on June 28, 1998, participated in the preparation of hundreds of laws, including the Law of Ukraine the police, the basic codes. Taking into account extensive professional experience of Oleksandr Markovich, law students enthusiastically attended his lecture and had the opportunity to ask questions.
After the lecture First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar gave gratitude to honorary guests on behalf of Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov for active participation in a series of inter-thematic, professional, scientific and practical, methodological, informational and image measures aimed at promoting the achievements of national jurisprudence, law practice, and enhance the prestige of lawyer on the occasion of opening in ZNU Week of Lawyer and Day of Lawyer and anniversary book of ZNU.

Olena Yaroshenko

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