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In ZNU began competition in administrative law and legal proceedings

11.10.2013 14:32 Юридичний факультет Всеукраїнські змагання з адміністративного права та судочинства ім В С Стефанюка

Today in ZNU started sixth nationwide competitions on administrative law and legal proceedings named after V.S. Stefaniuk. It holds Students League Lawyers Association of Ukraine supported by administration and the Faculty of Law of ZNU, Zaporizhzhya Regional Administrative Court, the law firm "Advisor", and also Informational Partners - ZNTRK "TV-5" and "Law Students Journal." The event is held in honor of the famous scholar and teacher, founder of administrative justice in Ukraine V.S. Stefaniuk.

Its goal is to attract the best law students to participate in competitions on administrative law and legal proceedings, and testing of practical skills such as the development of speaking skills, speaking and cultural behavior in court, the practical application of judiciary knowledge and other useful qualities required of future lawyers. Competitors represented in different regions of Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkiv, Khmelnytsk, Donetsk and other.
Competition of Law Students opened Head of Zaporizhzhya branch of Lawyers Association Students League, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Law of ZNU Ivan Shumeyko. He welcomed the participants and guests of Zaporizhzhya, and described the conditions and regulations of the competition performances.
To those present also addressed lecturer of the Department of Administrative and Economic Law Iya Zozul. She noted that these events are not only useful but also interesting for all participants. Therefore, among them are those that are not involved in the first business students game, because students have an opportunity to socialize and make friends, share experiences.
Honorary guest of the event - Doctor of Law, Professor of National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Nataliya Berlach - welcomed the participants and wished success and commitment during performances and demonstrations of acquired skills. She also said that ZNU provide all conditions to the participants to feel comfortable. On behalf of the Students League of Lawyers Association Ivan Shumeyko gave Gratitude to Nataliya Anatoliyivna with the phrase "For the development of national legal science and the development of law country".
In the game took part 9 teams. Today will pass 2 branches to semifinal competition. They are two different judges collegium, chaired by Director of the law firm "Advisor" Denys Shtabovenko and associate professor of Constitutional and Labour Law Department Ruslan Synelnik.
At the beginning of the game have passed toss among the teams, participants received handout materials with tasks. Under the terms of the game, the team played "incognito" (by received numbers), and only in the evening, after the announcement of semi-finalists will be named universities they represent.
Now members of the judicial process - the "plaintiffs" and "speakers" - leading dispute with the plot, which were offered to them, simulating the process of trial and demonstrate their speaking skills, knowledge of the laws of Ukraine, legal proceedings, to answer questions of the jury. Over the course of the game watches working group from among the students. For violation of competition rules stipulated penalties.
The final game will be tomorrow. To the final will pass 4 teams who have demonstrated the best results in the semifinals. In addition, while being in Zaporizhzhya, Zaporizhzhya guests will visit the District Administrative Court of historical and cultural complex "Zaporizhzhya Sich" (Khortytsya island).

Olena Khlystun

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