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On the Day of entrant ZNU visited more than 900 senior students

21.10.2013 12:11 День абітурієнта профорієнтаційна діяльність

October 20, Zaporizhzhya National University hospitably opened its doors to pupils of schools not only in our city and region, but also to entrants from neighboring regions - Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk. Together with those who came to the Day of entrant to Economics and Law College to ZNU on the Day of entrant visited more than 900 senior students.

Guests of our university received from its teachers and students as much information on the areas of training, material and technical basis and university teaching staff. They also talked about the most important points that worth paying attention to the successful passage of external evaluation tests and during entrance campaign 2014.
The official part of the event, during which entrants can meet with the leadership of our university and get answers to important questions related to entrance to ZNU, was held in the assembly hall of 2nd academic building. The spacious room also comprised nearly everyone learn more about the benefits of studying in Zaporizhzhya National University.
High school students and their parents showed a video presentation in which it was not only the material and technical base of ZNU and about teaching and research activities of our students, but also for leisure, participation in artistic and sports activities.
First Vice-Rector of ZNU Oleksandr Bondar in his speech thanked all the participants who came to our university and assured prospective students that those who do choice in favor of ZNU do not make a mistake. Oleksandr Grygorovych spoke of educational traditions of our university, on how to continually strengthened and updated scientific and technical resources of the University, the prospects that open to those entrants who want to engage in research activities, through participation in the work of the Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates, etc.
Director of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment (DRTSOYAO) Maryna Gorbenko-Hvastunova told the audience about the main stages of entrance to a higher educational institution. She advised future entrants to pay special attention to the conditions of registration required for participation in the External testing. She also reminded the opportunity to try their hand at trial test organized by DRTSOYAO which for several years held on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University.
Executive secretary of the entrance commission Stanislav Ivanenko stressed that the Ministry of Education finally approved in Ukraine Entering to universities in 2013 will be published on the official website of the Ministry and of our university at the end of November of this year. Stanislav Valentynovych outlined the milestones for future entrance campaign and suggested that entrants contact the entrance commission of ZNU on any issues relating to the entrance into our university. Finally, he wished all the participants to make the right choices and to meet September 1, 2014 by students liked higher educational institution.
Head of the Preparatory Department Iryna Bakalenko noted that the graduates and their parents look forward to busy year and wished them fruitfully use of the remaining time to External testing and final school certification. Iryna Mykolaivna also acquainted prospective students with the benefits provided studying on training courses, and offered all of them definitely check their knowledge by participating in training sessions with Free Trial external evaluation tests, which will hold the sixth consecutive year in our university.
Hosts of event - students of biological faculty Kateryna Dyomina and Denys Bilokin – also introduced those present university administration, deans of faculties and directors of colleges of ZNU.
All performances were accompanied by a slide show, which focused on the most important places viewers speeches. Also, each guest received a copy of the special edition of the newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University», and faculties booklets with useful information. Anyone could take a notebook that contained the task of external independent evaluations of past years in all subjects included in the list of External testing to independently verify their level of knowledge.
After the official speeches, to students waited excursions university and faculties, which are arranged for teachers and students of ZNU. While easy communication school students not only learned the audience fund and material and technical base of the university and received information on entrance to specific specializations, but learned more about student life and perspectives that open to graduates of certain specializations.
Also during the Day of entrant, all interested entrants could pass health care diagnostics to finally determine the choice of future profession, and visit the entrance comission and preparatory department to get answers to specific questions.
Guests were able to get acquainted with of the university thematic exhibitions, prepared by staff of Scientific Library of ZNU. In particular, the selection of literature that can help during vocational work with high school students and become useful while choosing a future profession, with books and collections of scientific articles that indicate the high academic achievements of our teaching staff and students.
Representatives of the local media interested in the Day of entrant in ZNU. In particular, this event attended by representatives of Zaporizhzhya channels, which put questions to the organizers on the specifics of future entrance campaign.
We addressed the guests of the University with the question: what kind of specializations are selected for higher education what is the most impressive for them in the event. There are what we heard in response:
11th form pupil of Zaporizhzhya Gimnasium 6 Maryna Tsarenko:
- I am preparing to take part in the contest of Junior Academy of Sciences of the specialization "Biology", so I regularly attend Faculty of Biology of ZNU. From its teachers I heard about the Day of the entrant and decided definitely come here to learn about entrance campaign in 2014, including whether giving any privileges when entering participation in Junior Academy of Sciences. In the future I see myself a biologist or ecologist, and therefore will strive to enter the Faculty of Biology. I believe that today held a day with benefits and received a lot of information, that I need.
Senior student of the 11th School in the village Green Grove of Dnipropetrovsk region Anna-Mariya Lysenko:
- On the Day of entrant heard from my friend - a student of Zaporizhzhya National University - and immediately decided to come here to learn more about this university. For future accession chosen specialization "Social Work": I think the profession of sociologist prestigious and interesting. Without curiosity took part in the tour and talked with the students of this university. Pupil of the class with in-depth study of biology of Zaporizhzhya Gymnasium 28 Mykola Petrov , participants of the contest of Junior Academy of Sciences:
- Though now I'm studying biology and in depth, but I am going to study in technical specialty. I also chose the topic for participation in Junior Academy of Sciences related with physics. Want to know more about what we need to do to become a student of ZNU.
Senior student of Gulajpole School 1 of Zaporizhzhya region Oleksandr Ivanenko:
- On the Day of entrant heard from his classmate who dreams of becoming a student of ZNU and joined the special group in a social network "VKontakte". Decided required to come here and see with my own eyes university and find out all the details on entrance campaign, including - the creative competition that awaits those who choose to become a student of the Faculty of Physical Education. Like the University itself, and the fact that teachers and students are very attentive to the pupils, willing to respond to all questions.
Head of the Preparatory Department Iryna Bakalenko commented on the organization of this year's Entrants Day:
- It's very pleasant that so many senior pupils choose to visit the entrants Day - Zaporizhzhya National University. We spent most previous work, while distribution of information on this event among all schools in the city and the region, in all groups associated with the activities of our university, the "VKontakte" and other social networks, packaged for career guidance teachers and students. It is remarkable that students and their parents do not remain indifferent and decided to come to our university to meet with it closer and finally choose, which will enter graduates of schools in 2014.

Tamila Tarasenko

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