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Students of ZNU - winners of the All-Ukrainian biological Forum of pupils and students youth

28.10.2013 15:51 All Faculties Biology Біологічний факультет наука перемога

21-23 October at the exhibition center "KievExpoPlaza" (Kyiv) held the IVth All-Ukrainian biological Forum of pupils and students "Touch of Nature". The event was organized by the National ecological center for students and Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, attended by over 200 young researchers from all regions of Ukraine. Among them - the students of biological faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University Yuliya Zhelyabina (Section "Medicine") and Mariya Topchiy (section "Ecology and environmental problems"). The results of the forum, both representatives of our university received certificates for 3rd place and Diplomas of participants.

Sophomore of the Faculty of Biology (specialization "Biology") Yuliya Zhelyabina presented at the forum "Public instrument for rapid toxicity testing toys" (supervisor – associate professor of the Department of Physiology and Civil Protection Grygoriy Chausovskyj). Thanks to the development of Yulia, can be home in half an hour to determine whether the plastic or soft toy toxic ingredients.
Yuliya first participated in a scientific event of this level and just managed to win. According to the students, many forum participants, jury members and even journalists who attended this event of interest is the relevance of her proposed development.
4th year student of the same specialization Mariya Topchiy is not the first year working on the chosen theme "Changing the properties of chernozem different uses" (supervisor – associate professor of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Phytogenetics Iryna Polyakova). In the past academic year Mariya took part in the regional, and then - in Ukrainian conference of reports on black soil structure and elements of its power. Even then, her research received positive feedback.
In Kiev stand of Mariya with placed on it information about the results of comparison sample of black fields of rational and irrational use of virgin (reference sample), drew the attention of participants and the jury.
Protection of scientific works consisted of that the students and pupils have to equipped their own research stands, and then during the day to present their invention or research as members of tender committee and all the guests of the exhibition, who are interested in their scientific developments.
Our students were satisfied with the results of their participation in the Ukrainian Biological forum of pupils and students "Touch of Nature".
«We found it useful to take part in national academic event. All works presented at the forum were performed at a very decent level. It was interesting to see how differently the participants drew up their stands and how they spent their presentation of their work», - noted Yuliya Zhelyabina.
«During the forum, I was able to communicate with students from Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kherson and other regions and also knew many new and useful. In addition, the forum remembered by another interesting point: presentations were done exceptionally Ukrainian. Supervisors who accompanied the students on the forum of Volyn separately noted that we are very good know Ukrainian language and was even a little surprised by this fact. They were confident that in the East of Ukraine hardly speak Ukrainian», - told Mariya Topchiy.

Tamila Tarasenko

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